International Seminar on Creativity in Traditional Islamic Crafts, organised by Lok Virsa and IRCICA, Islamabad, 10-12 October 1994

International Seminar on Creativity in Traditional Islamic Crafts, was jointly organised by IRCICA and Lok Virsa Institute, Islamabad, with the collaboration of the International Islamic Relief Organisation, Jeddah, and UNESCO, Paris, was held in Islamabad, Pakistan, 10-12 October 1994

It was held during the period of the Islamabad Festival, with the participation of policy makers, planners, administrators, artisans from various countries, and representatives of regional and international organisations and NGOs.

Sixty-five papers on the following themes were presented during the sessions: Crafts and Islamic Architecture: Illustration of the Creativity of Craftspeople; Creativity in the Art of Calligraphy; Creative Vision in the Art of Miniature; Arabesque Design and Creative Expressions; Employment of New Techniques for the Promotion of Traditional Crafts; Modern Modes of Education and Training in Crafts: The Role of Government and Private Agencies; Changing Perspectives of Crafts in New Economic Realities: Economic and Financial Factors; Innovation in Crafts; Nature and Decorative Motifs in Islamic Arts; in addition, there were papers on other sub-topics presented by specialised agencies and organisations. The seminar issued a set of recommendations as well as an extensive Islamabad Declaration for the development of crafts.

Papers of the seminar were published in the form of a book under the title Creativity and Crafts in the Muslim World: Proceedings of the International Seminar on Creativity in Islamic Crafts.